Welcome to WoodBin! This is the place to be if you’re looking for woodworking software, reference material, how-to articles, and other stuff to help you with your woodworking projects.

What’s New:

The site has undergone a major face-lift for 2015. In general, it’s been made more social media friendly. More blog-like. You can now add comments to articles (aka, posts) to let me know how good a job I’m doing (or not), or just to share your thoughts with others. And more high resolution images so you can better discern those important woodworking details.

The articles and project write-ups now have Pin it buttons. If you see something that you think others would like to check out on Pinterest, just click the Pin it button. Easy as pie.

Several of the software utilities have been revamped.

The Wood Picker now provides a dynamic grid that makes it much easier to find woods matching your selection criteria. You can click on a column heading corresponding to a specific wood property to resort the results on the fly. Or enter a search term such as “oak” to condense the results to just that particular wood type.

The Wood Finish Selector has also been given a dynamic grid with sortable columns. After entering your initial ranking criteria, you can quickly reorder the results by clicking on a property such as vapor resistance. Click the property again and the results will be rearranged in reverse order.

The Drawer Sizer has been converted to a single utility rather than three separate ones. Once a particular sizing method is chosen, only the relevant input controls are enabled and the others are disabled. No more complicated explanations along the lines of: if you pick method A, provide inputs X, Y, and Z.

I’ve added several posts featuring recent projects. Going forward, I hope to add more projects. Look for these in the project gallery as well as under the Recent Posts.