About WoodBin

Welcome to “Da Bin”!  Here, you will find woodworking calculators and utilities, wood properties, furniture design tips and standards,  projects, woodworking articles, and other woodworking stuff.

Chillin in the woodshop

Chillin in the woodshop

WoodBin has been around since 1999. It started out as an ecommerce site (remember that term?) to sell woodworking software, including a PC-based woodworking reference product named WoodRef that I developed. From there, it evolved into a content-based site with an emphasis on woodworking software. During this phase, there were links to hundreds of different woodworking software products (aka, the Woodworking Software Master List), a software FAQ, articles about woodworking software, and various utilities to assist fellow woodworkers in designing and building woodworking projects.

Over time, WoodBin has morphed into more of a project-based informational woodworking site. Most recently, it has been enhanced with many blog-like features and made more social media friendly (uh-oh). Gotta keep up with the times man… But the software utilities are still here to help you design and build that furniture piece you’ve been thinking of building since last year. Yeah, that one.

Although I’m not a professional woodworker, I have built much of the furniture in my home over 30+ years and believe I have learned a thing or two about woodworking along the way. A degree in Forest Science and a life-long love of wood and trees has also helped. I hope you find the information and applications on this site helpful in your woodworking endeavors. Now, let’s get building!

-Bill Kovalick