The Drawer Sizer

The Drawer Sizer helps you design drawers for furniture such as an armoire, chest or drawers, or a dresser. It provides three different sizing methods and options within each method for deriving drawer sizes based on the specific inputs provided. Read more about calculating drawer heights.

 Arithmetic progression: Drawer heights increase by a fixed increment.
 Geometric progression: Drawer heights increase by a fixed multiplier.
 Hambridge proportioning: Drawer heights sized in relation to the width of the drawer unit.
Total height of drawer space:
Height of top drawer:
Number of drawers:
Increment (0 = equal size drawers):
Spacing between drawers:
 Option 1: Compute drawer heights and total height.
 Option 2: Compute drawer heights and number of drawers. Total height may be adjusted.
Option 3: Compute drawer heights, including top drawer.
Option 4: Compute drawer heights and drawer height increment.

   Units: inches cm

Inputs may be specified as numbers or fractions (ex: 36.5 or 36 1/2).