Wood Finish Selector

The Wood Finish Selector enables you to select the best finish for the task at hand. Just select the properties of interest and see how the various finishes score relative to each other. Just keep in mind that selecting a wood finish involves tradeoffs. For example, a finish that provides good solvent resistance is likely to score poorly in terms of repairability.

Water resistance Resistance to water penetration.
Water vapor res Resistance to water vapor exchange between the wood and atmosphere.
Wear resistance Resistance to abrasion and wear.
Heat resistance Resistance to damaging effects of heat, including softening of the finish.
Solvent resistance Resistance to solvents such as alcohol, lacquer thinner, mineral spirits, or turpentine.
Flexibility Pliability of the finish (non-brittleness).
Clarity Clearness or transparency of the finish.
Non yellowing Tendency of a finish to remain clear.
Brush/wipe ease Ease of brushing or wiping on the finish.
Spray ease Ease of applying the finish with spray equipment.
Rubbing How well the finish rubs out.
Health/Safety How safe the finish is for you and the environment.
Repairability Ease of finish repair.
Stripping Ease of completely removing a finish via chemical or mechanical means.