Daily Archives: September 30, 2014

4-way equal pressure clamp
Like most woodworkers, I have accumulated quite an assortment of woodworking clamps over the years. As someone once said, you can never have too many clamps. Of course, I love, er… I mean like some of my clamps more than others… The clamps I use most often are trigger-action mini bar clamps. They’re lightweight, adjust […]

Clamps I Have Known (and Loved ??)

Sanding with bench cookies
Looking to “fill out” an order of woodworking supplies, I decided to buy a four pack of bench cookies.  I was somewhat skeptical of these relative newcomers to the woodworking scene, but for 12 bucks,  how could I go wrong? I figured I could always use them as drink coasters if they didn’t perform well […]

Bench Cookies – Not Too Crumby