Monthly Archives: February 2017

Seagull on pier intarsia
I’ve been dabbling with intarsia for the last few months and it’s been quite the learning experience. If you’re not familiar with intarsia, it refers to a woodworking technique/art form that involves inlaying different pieces of wood to create a pseudo 3-D picture. It relies on the natural variations in wood grain and color to create the […]

Getting Started with Intarsia

DIY scrollsaw mount for magnifying lamp
I’ve been the proud owner of a government surplus 1970s-era magnifying desk lamp for more years that I can remember. For most of that time, it sat unused in a closet collecting dust but I finally found a use for it – as a magnifying light for my Dewalt 788 scroll saw! But the trick was to […]

Mounting a Magnifying Lamp on a Dewalt Scroll Saw