This section contains reference material to assist you in designing and building furniture. It includes design tips, how to create drawings, standard furniture dimensions, wood properties, woodworking reference books, and miscellaneous tips.

Project Design and Planning

Developing the idea
Design tips
Fun with software
Working drawings
Bill of materials and cut list
Plan of procedure

Furniture Design Standards

Kitchen cabinets

Wood and Lumber

Wood properties by species
Wood strength table
Wood strength definitions
Wood shrinkage table
Wood shrinkage explained
Wood moisture content calculator
Wood shrinkage/expansion calculator
Wood toxicity table
Standard lumber trade abbreviations
Hardwood lumber grading
Softwood lumber grading
Standard lumber dimensions
Measuring shelf sag in the woodshop
Shelf sag tables – 8″ deep shelves
Shelf sag tables – 12″ deep shelves
Shelf sag tables – 16″ deep shelves

Fasteners and Adhesives

Woodworking glues
Gluing tips
Wood screws

Wood Finishes

Wood finish overviews
Guidelines for selecting a wood finish
Wood Finish Selector utility
Sanding tips
Finishing tips

Woodworking Books

Personal favorites
Drafting and CAD books
Furniture design and cabinetry books
Shop math books
Standards and reference books
Woodshop design and layout books
Wood properties books