Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen Cabinet Design and Layout Tips

1. The three most used elements of a kitchen are the sink, stove, and refrigerator. To minimize wasted motion, situate each to form a triangle with a perimeter less than 18 feet.

2. The oven and refrigerator should not be adjacent. The dishwasher should be located nearby the sink and if possible, position the sink under a window with a light above it.

3. The number of doors for each cabinet is based on the door width not exceeding its height. For cabinets between 2 to 4 feet wide, use 2 doors.

4. Use false drawer fronts where drawers not possible (e.g., under sink) for a consistent look.

5. Allow 18″ of counter space on either side of the range or microwave.

6. Allow 18″ of counter space on door-opening side of the refrigerator.

7. Allow 30″ of counterspace to right of sink, 24″ to left

8. Provide a corridor width or passing space of no less than 36″.

9. Maximum height of a shelf above a countertop is 42″ for an average sized adult. 36″ is optimal.


Standard Dimensions of Wall Cabinets

Depth (25″ deep countertop) 12-1/4″
Depth (30″ deep countertop) 15″
Height with full soffit 30″
Height with no soffit 42″
Height of cabinet above countertop 18″
Height of cabinet above stove top 24″
Height of highest shelf 60″-68″
Width to match base cabinet


Standard Dimensions of Base Cabinets

Cabinet depth 24″
Countertop depth (1″ overlap) 25″
Height from floor to countertop 36″
Splashboard height 4″
Kickspace height 4″
Kickspace depth 3″
Depth of drawer above cabinet doors 4″


Standard Dimensions of Counters

Countertop height 36″
Counter length per person 21″
Depth (one-sided seating) 15″
Depth (two-sided seating) 30″ min
For the physically challenged:
Countertop height 31″
Under counter access width 30″
Under counter access height 29-1/2″


Standard Dimensions of Kitchen Appliances

The dimensions of most appliances used for residential purposes in the U.S. fall within the ranges given below. Although these dimensions are useful for planning purposes, obtain actual measurements before starting cabinet construction. In general, major appliances are designed to fit beneath a 24 inch wide countertop.

Appliance Height Width Depth
Cooktop 2- 3″ 12-48″ 18-22″
Dishwasher 33-35 23-24″ 23-26″
Microwave 13-18″ 21-23″ 14-22″
Range, floor model 35-36″ 19-40″ 24-26″
Range, w/ upper oven 61-68″ 30-40″ 25-28″
Range, drop-in 23-24″ 23-24″ 22-25″
Range hood 5-8″ 24-72″ 12-72″
Refrigerator 55-69″ 24-36″ 26-33″
Trash Compactor 33-35″ 12-15″ 18-24″
Wall oven, single 23-25″ 21-24″ 21-23″
Wall oven, double 39-50″ 21-24″ 21-23″
Wall oven with broiler 38-40″ 21-24″ 21-23″