African Ebony

Name African Ebony (Diospyrus spp.)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Includes varieties from Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Kribi, Gaboon, Madagascar, and Zaire.
Sources Grows primarily in central to southern Africa.
Appearance Very fine texture with an indistinct grain and metallic luster. Uniformly black heartwood and yellowish white sapwood.
Physical Props Very heavy, hard, strong, and stiff with high shock and decay resistance. Steam-bends reasonably well. Requires pre-drilling to nail or screw.
Working Props Works with some difficulty – tends to chip and quickly dulls cutting edges. Turns well. Finishes to a naturally dark polished surface.
Uses Used for piano keys, musical instruments, turnery, inlay, novelties, billiard cues, brush backs, and cutlery handles.