Name Albizia (Albizia spp.)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as okuro, ayinre, and sifou.
Sources Includes heavy albizia, red nongo, and white nongo (over 30 species). Grows in southern half of Africa.
Appearance Coarse texture with irregular, often interlocked grain. Heartwood is red-brown to chocolate-brown, at times with a purplish tinge.
Physical Props Fairly heavy, low stiffness and shock resistance, high crushing strength, moderate bending strength, and low movement in service.
Working Props Can be challenging to work due to fine dust, blunting effects on tools, and irregular grain. Pre-drilling recommended for screwing or nailing. Finishes ok although filling of grain required for a smooth surface.
Uses Has many uses including marine construction, flooring, vehicle bodywork, various furniture components, boxes, crates, beams, joists, interior construction, and veneer.