American Holly

Name American Holly (Ilex opaca)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as evergreen, white, Christmas, prickly, scrub, and dune holly.
Sources Grows in eastern half of United States.
Appearance Indistinct, close grain with no obvious figure and a fine texture. Ivory-white heartwood and white sapwood – sapwood usually much wider than the heartwood.
Physical Props Moderately heavy and hard, with good shock resistance, and low bending strength, stiffness, and decay resistance. Steam-bends poorly.
Working Props Generally machines well but irregular grain can cause problems. Sands and turns easily and polishes to a fine luster. Glues, screws, and nails well. Stains and finishes satisfactorily – sometimes stained black to simulate ebony.
Uses Used for turnery, carving, piano and organ keys, marquetry and inlay, wood block engravings, novelties, fixtures, handles, T-squares, fixtures, and furniture.