Name Basswood (Tilia americana)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as linden, American linden, lime, lime tree, American white wood.
Sources Grows in Canada and United States.
Appearance Generally straight grained with a fine, uniform texture and medium luster. Creamy-white to brownish heartwood and nearly white sapwood.
Physical Props Soft, light, low in strength, shock resistance and decay resistance. Poor for steam bending.
Working Props Works well with sharp machine or hand tools and is excellent for carving (soft and resists splitting). Glues, screws, nails, stains, and finishes satisfactorily although soft texture can be challenging for staining.
Uses Popular among hobbyists for model ships, airplanes, and other wood carvings. Other uses include boxes, crates, cooperage, furniture, millwork, drawing boards, toys, novelties, pattern making, dowels, handles, venetian blinds, core stock, and decorative veneer.