Common Alder

Name Common Alder (alnus glutinosa)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Includes black alder, gray alder, and red alder.
Sources Grows in northern hemisphere – Europe, Russia, western Asia, and Japan. Red alder grows on Pacific coast of United States and Canada.
Appearance Straight grained, fine textured, orange brown sapwood and heartwood with no outstanding figure.
Physical Props Moderately heavy and soft with low bending strength, shock resistance, stiffness, and decay resistance.
Working Props Nails, screws, glues, and works well. Stains and polishes satisfactorily and sometimes stained to match other cabinet woods. Carves and turns quite well.
Uses Used for broom and brush handles, textile rollers, toys, clogs, artificial limbs, cabinet work, plywood cores, and veneer.