Name Degame (Calycophyllum candidissimum)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as lemonwood and lancewood.
Sources Grows in Cuba, Central America, and S. America.
Appearance Generally straight grained, occasionally markedly irregular with a low luster and very fine texture. Broad sapwood, white to brownish white in color with variegated dark brown heartwood. (Heartwood has no commercial importance).
Physical Props Hard, heavy, tough, and resilient with high bending and crushing strengths, moderate stiffness and shock resistance, good stability in use and low decay resistance.
Working Props Very good steam bending and turning properties. Works easily with sharp tools. Holds nails and screws well without pre-drilling. Responds very well to stains and finishes.
Uses Valued for archery bows, turnery, sculpture, and carving. Also used for tool handles, fishing rods, shuttles, billiard sticks, pulleys, rules and scales (viable substitute for boxwood), organ parts, agricultural implements, flooring, and cabinetry.