European Birch

Name European Birch (Betula pendula)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as birch, silver birch, warty birch.
Sources Grows throughout Europe. Typically sold according to country of origin, as in Finnish birch.
Appearance Straight grained and fine textured with creamy white to pale brown wood (no demarcation between heartwood and sapwood).
Physical Props Fairly heavy with moderate strength, stiffness, stability, and shock resistance properties. Steam bending often impacted by knots and irregular grain.
Working Props Works easily although wood tends to be woolly – reduced cutter angle often recommended. Requires pre-drilling for screwing or nailing. Glues, stains, and finishes quite well. An excellent turnery wood.
Uses Also used for bobbins, spools, dowels, miscellaneous woodenware, brushes, brooms, framing, interior joinery, furniture, and veneer. The primary material for birch plywood in Finland and Russia.