European Larch

Name European Larch (Larix decidua)
Type Softwood.
Other Names Also known as European larch, common larch, lark, and tamarack.
Sources Grows in Europe and southeast Asia.
Appearance Typically straight, but sometimes spiral grained with a fine, uniform texture. Pale red to brick red heartwood and narrow, pale yellow sapwood. Growth rings well defined.
Physical Props Moderately heavy and hard with moderate stiffness, bending strength, crushing strength, and decay resistance. Very stable in service.
Working Props Works fairly easily with hand or machine tools but knots may blunt cutting edges and cause chip-out. Glues satisfactorily. Pre-drilling required for screwing or nailing. Accepts paints, stains, and finishes well.
Uses Used primarily for utility poles, pilings, pit props, and stakes. Also used for boat planking, flooring, bridge construction, railway sleepers, exterior joinery, clogs, shingles, siding, trim, stair rails, plywood, paneling, and decorative veneers.
Comments Japanese larch has very similar properties.