European Lime

Name European Lime (Tilia vulgaris)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as European lime, tilleul and linden.
Sources Grows in Europe and eastern Asia.
Appearance Generally straight grained with a fine, uniform texture and medium luster. Creamy-white heartwood and sapwood.
Physical Props Soft, light, low in strength, shock resistance and decay resistance. Poor for steam bending.
Working Props Works well with sharp machine or hand tools and is excellent for carving (soft and resists splitting). Glues, screws, nails, stains, and finishes.
Uses Valued for butcher blocks, food containers and eating utensils (does not impart stain or odor). Also used for toys, novelties, cooperage, pattern making, artificial limbs, bobbins, broom and brush handles, carvings, musical instruments, venetian blinds, ship and airplane models, core stock, and decorative veneer.