Name Freijo (Cordia goeldiana)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as South American walnut, frei jorge, jenny wood, and cordia wood.
Sources Grows in South America.
Appearance Generally straight grained with a uniform, coarse texture and rich, golden luster. Heartwood is golden brown maturing to dark brown and not well demarcated from sapwood.
Physical Props Resembles teak in appearance and strength properties. Moderately hard and heavy, brittle, low stiffness and shock resistance, medium bending and crushing strengths, poor steam bending rating, and good stability in use. Heartwood is resistant to white or brown-rot fungi.
Working Props Works easily enough but sharp edges critical to avoid grain-tearing. Pre-drilling required for screwing or nailing. Glues, stains, and polishes well – grain filling often required. Not a good turnery wood.
Uses Used mainly for cabinetry, furniture, interior joinery, and paneling. Also used as a substitute for teak in ship building. Other uses include wine casks, barrels, flooring, and decorative veneers.