Name Guarea (Guarea cedrata, G. thompsonii)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Includes white guarea, light bosse, obobonufua, and scented guarea. G. thompsonii also known as black guarea, obobo, bosse, diambi, ebanghemwa, and divuitii. Two species typically sold as one commercial species.
Sources Grows in tropical west Africa, primarily the Ivory Coast and Nigeria.
Appearance Straight, sometimes curly grain with a medium fine texture. Mahogany-colored reddish brown heartwood and wide, paler pinkish brown sapwood.
Physical Props Light and moderately hard with moderate stiffness, moderately high bending and crushing strength, low shock resistance, moderate decay resistance, and medium stability in use. Good abrasion resistance. Steam bends fairly well (G. cedrata better than G. thompsonii.
Working Props Works relatively easily with hand or machine tools although wood has tendency to be woolly and gum deposits hasten dulling of cutting edges. Glues and sands easily. Holds nails and screws well. Stains and finishes satisfactorily although gum exudation can be a nuisance.
Uses Used for furniture, interior joinery, drawer components, boat and vehicle construction, flooring, sports equipment, dowels, rifle butts, exterior plywood, and decorative veneer.
Comments Sawdust can be extremely irritating to some individuals.