Name Incense-Cedar (Libocedrus decurrens)
Type Softwood.
Other Names Also known as pencil cedar and Californina incense-cedar.
Sources Grows in northwestern United States.
Appearance Straight and even grained with a medium texture. Light brown heartwood, often tinged with red, and nearly white sapwood.
Physical Props Light, soft, moderately low in strength, and low in stiffness and shock resistance. Very good decay resistance and stability in service.
Working Props Extremely easy to work with machine or hand tools. Turns, cuts, planes, routs, and bores like a champ. Glues, screws, nails, paints and finishes very well.
Uses Used for pencils, carving, venetian blinds, chests, toys, fenceposts, poles, shingles, railroad ties, woodenware, trim, millwork, novelties, and plywood.