Name Iroko (Clorophora excelsa)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as kambala, mvule, odum, intule, and tule.
Sources Grows in southern half of Africa.
Appearance Interlocked grain and moderately coarse texture. Light to dark brown heartwood demarcated from paler brown sapwood. Often has hard deposits of calcium carbonate embedded in grain.
Physical Props Medium hardness, weight, bending and crushing strength, very low stiffness and shock resistance, moderate steam bending, high decay resistance (heartwood), and good stability.
Working Props Works well in general but boards with “stone” deposits have abrasive effect on cutting edges. Good gluing, nailing and screwing properties. Polishes to a high finish but filling typically required.
Uses Often used as a substitute for teak and valued for upper-scale interior/exterior joinery, counter and table tops, carving, and turnery. Also used for window frames, sills, doors, ship building, cabinets, garden and park benches, plywood and veneer.