Name Jarrah (Eucalyptus marginata)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as Eucalyptus.
Sources Grows in south western Australia.
Appearance Typically straight grained but often interlocked and wavy. Moderately coarse, even texture. Rich dark reddish brown heartwood, often with gum veins and boat-shaped flecks. Paler reddish brown sapwood.
Physical Props Heavy, hard, strong (particularly crushing strength), and stiff with moderate dimensional stability in service. Highly decay resistant heartwood. Steam-bends moderately well.
Working Props Fairly difficult to work due to hardness and density. Reduced cutting angle recommended for planing. Turns well. Pre-drilling required for screwing and nailing. Glues and finishes well.
Uses Used extensively for construction in Australia, particularly for marine applications such as bridges, dock pilings, wharfs, and ship building. Also used for flooring, cross-ties, shingles, siding, trim, rafters, joists, furniture, interior joinery, chemical vats, and decorative veneers. Valued for striking tool handles.
Comments More jarrah is harvested than any other commercial Australian timber. It is more appropriate than Karri for marine applications but it’s not quite as heavy or as strong.