Kauri Pine

Name Kauri Pine (Agathis spp.)
Type Softwood.
Other Names Includes several species including New Zealand kauri, Queensland kauri, Fijian kauri, and East Indian kauri.
Sources Grows in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea, Malayasia, and other Pacific islands.
Appearance Straight grained, fine, silky texture, with pale to dark red-brown heartwood.
Physical Props Moderate in weight and shock resistance, high stiffness, and moderate to high strength (one species is claimed to be the strongest of the world’s softwoods). Stable in service.
Working Props Works well with hand and machine tools – good for turnery. Rates highly in screwing, nailing, gluing and finishing.
Uses Used for vats, tanks, wooden machinery, boat building, building construction, joinery, cabinetry, butter boxes, churns, and pattern making. Cheaper grades used for plywood, boxes, and crates.