Name Kingwood (Dalbergia cearensis)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as violete, violetta, and violet wood.
Sources Grows in Brazil.
Appearance Straight to finely roey grained with a fine, uniform texture, and bright luster. Rich, violet-brown heartwood streaked with golden yellow lines of varying darkness. Cream-colored sapwood.
Physical Props Very heavy, hard, strong and brittle with good decay resistance and stability in use.
Working Props Works well (with sharp tools!) and pre-drilling required for screwing or nailing. Care needed in gluing due to waxy surface. Finishes to an exceptionally smooth, naturally waxy finish and develops a metallic sheen over time. In great demand for restoration and reproduction of antique furniture.
Uses Small size of tree and scarcity of supply generally restricts most uses to inlays, marquetry, turned articles, and sculpture.