Name Lignumvitae (Guaiacum spp.)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as guayacan, palo santo, and ironwood.
Sources Composed of three species that grow in Central and South America.
Appearance Closely interlocked grain with a fine, uniform texture. Dark greenish brown to nearly black heartwood and yellowish sapwood. Naturally oily with a low luster.
Physical Props Very hard, strong, heavy, stiff, shock resistant, and decay resistant. Not suitable for steam bending.
Working Props Very difficult to work by machine or by hand. Turns very well but natural resins clog sandpaper and make gluing difficult. Polishes easily and often requires no additional finishing.
Uses Ideal for underwater use due to self-lubricating properties. Used for ship propeller bushings and bearings, mallets, rollers, casters, small wheels, pulleys, stencil and chisel blocks, handles, and miscellaneous turned items.
Comments Probably the strongest and densest wood on the market.