Name Muninga (Pterocarpus angolensis)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as ambila, Brown African padauk, bloodwood, kiaat, kajat, mninga, mukwa, mutete, and mututi.
Sources Grows througout south-central Africa.
Appearance Straight to interlocked grain with a coarse, uneven texture.
Physical Props Fairly hard, moderately heavy, medium bending strength, high crushing strength, low stiffness and shock resistance, and high decay resistance and dimensional stability. Steam-bends moderately well.
Working Props Works easily with hand or machine tools but reduced cutting angle recommended for interlocked grain. Good turning properties. Glues satisfactorily. Pre-drilling recommended for nails and screws. Can be brought to an excellent finish.
Uses Used for fancy turnery, high-end furniture, cabinets, and paneling, carving, flooring, joinery, boat building, dowels, furniture components, and veneer.
Comments Often has attractive figure on quartered surfaces.