Name Ovangkol (Guibourtia ehie)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as amazoue, amazakoue, anokye, ehie, and hyeduanini.
Sources Grows in tropical west Africa, primarily the Ivory Coast and Ghana.
Appearance Straight to interlocked grain with moderately coarse texture. Yellow brown to chocolate brown heartwood with grayish-black stripes.
Physical Props Heavy and moderately hard with high stiffness, strength, and shock resistance. Moderate decay resistance and dimensional stability in service. Steam-bends poorly.
Working Props Works fairly easily with hand or machine tools but saws slowly. Silica content has moderate blunting effect. Reduced cutting angle recommended during planing to prevent tear-out. Turns well. Glues easily, holds nails and screws well, stains and polishes satisfactorily, and can be brought to an excellent finish.
Uses Used for cabinetry, fine furniture, doors, shop and office trim, domestic flooring, handles and other turned items, plywood, decorative veneer, paneling, and acoustic guitars.