Pacific Yew

Name Pacific Yew (Taxus brevifolia)
Type Softwood.
Other Names Also known as yew or western yew.
Sources Grows in western Canada and United States.
Appearance Even grained with a very fine texture. Bright orange to rose-red heartwood and light yellow sapwood.
Physical Props Heavy, hard, strong, and stiff with good shock resistance, good steam bending, very good decay resistance, and good stability in service.
Working Props Generally works well especially for turning, but has tendency to split. Saw dust may cause nose irritation in some people. Holds screws and nails well but pre-drilling recommended to prevent splitting. Finishes smoothly although oil-based finishes will turn heartwood to a chocolate brown.
Uses Valued for turnery, archery bows and other bent work. Also used for canoe paddles, carvings, novelties, musical instruments, and paneling.
Comments In relatively scarce supply.