Pau Marfim

Name Pau Marfim (Balfourodendron riedelianum)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as moroti, guatambu moroti, quatamba, farinha seca, pau liso, kyrandy, and ivorywood.
Sources Grows in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina.
Appearance Dense, fine textured, mostly straight grained with a creamy white color. Little contrast between sapwood and heartwood although heartwood sometimes has darker streaks.
Physical Props Heavy, tough, and strong with excellent shock resistance and wear properties. Stable in use. Low decay resistance.
Working Props Relatively easy to work although it can quickly blunt cutting edges. Excellent for turnery. Nails, screws, and glues without difficulty. Takes stains well and polishes to a smooth, fine finish.
Uses Used as a substitute for maple and birch, especially for flooring – due to exceptional wear resistance. Also used for tool handles, oars, textile rollers, drawing instruments, cabinetwork, furniture, paneling, and veneer.