Pecan Hickory

Name Pecan Hickory (Carya illinoensis)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as pecan nut, pecan hickory, sweet pecan, nogal morado, and pecanier.
Sources Grows in United States and Mexico.
Appearance Tight, generally straight grain with a coarse texture. Pale to reddish brown heartwood and whitish sapwood.
Physical Props Very heavy, hard, strong, stiff and shock resistant. Good dimensional stability and low decay resistance.
Working Props Turns and otherwise machines well but can be difficult to work with hand tools. Glues, screws, and nails well. Stains satisfactorily and polishes to a nice shiny finish.
Uses Ideal for applications where strength and elasticity are important. Used for tool handles, farm implements, vehicle parts, baseball bats, flooring, veneers, paneling, long-wearing chair parts (legs, backs, rungs), dowels, poles, ladders, turnery, and interior furniture.