Name Persimmon (Diospyrus virginiana)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as white ebony, date plum, possum wood, simmon, boa wood, butter wood, and bara-bara.
Sources Grows in central and southern United States.
Appearance Straight grained with a fine even texture and little figure. Creamy white sapwood mottled with gray spots with small core of dark brown to black heartwood. Primarily available as sapwood.
Physical Props Very heavy and dense, hard, tough and strong. Very resistant to impact and wear. Large movement in service.
Working Props Somewhat difficult to work due to hardness but turns and sands well. Requires pre-drilling for screwing or nailing. Glues satisfactorily. Finishes to a high polish and retains smoothness under heavy use (similar to dogwood).
Uses Used for golf-club heads, textile shuttles and bobbins, shoe lasts, handles, turnery, and ornamental veneers.