Ponderosa Pine

Name Ponderosa Pine (Pinus ponderosa)
Type Softwood.
Other Names Also known as western yellow pine, California white pine, Oregon pine, bird’s eye pine, knotty pine, prickly pine, blackjack pine, and pitch pine.
Sources Grows mainly in western United States and southern British Columbia. Most widely distributed of pines in North America.
Appearance Straight grained, sometimes with a bird’s eye pattern, and with a medium coarse texture. Typically has prominent dark resin duct lines and numerous small but sound knots. Light reddish brown heartwood and wide, nearly white to pale yellow sapwood.
Physical Props Light and soft with low strength and shock resistance, moderately low stiffness, low decay resistance, poor steam bending, and good stability in service.
Working Props Works fairly well with machine or hand tools although resin can gum-up cutters. Planes, turns, moulds, routs, bores, and mortises very well. Glues, nails and screws easily with a low tendency to split. Paints and finishes fairly well although a sealer coat may be needed to handle resin bleed-out, especially near knots.
Uses Has many uses including boxes, crates, millwork, building construction, turnery (balusters, porch columns, dowels), caskets, furniture, patterns, trunks, toys, poles, posts, paneling, and plywood.