Name Poplar (Populus spp.)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Includes European black poplar, Canadian poplar, balsam poplar, cottonwood, and various varieties of aspen.
Sources Grows throughout N. America, Europe, and Asia.
Appearance Generally straight grained and “woolly” with a fine, even texture. Creamy-white to pale brown heartwood and sapwood.
Physical Props Most species are typically soft and light with low ratings for strength, stiffness, shock resistance, decay resistance, and steam bending. Moderate movement in service.
Working Props Works easily with hand or machine tools but sharp edges recommended. Glues, screws and nails well. Staining can be patchy but paints and varnish are easily applied.
Uses Used for furniture framing, interior joinery, toys, turnery, matches, crates, boxes, pallets, packing, plywood core stock, veneer, and pulpwood.