Queensland Walnut

Name Queensland Walnut (Endiandra palmerstonii)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as oriental wood, walnut bean, Australian walnut, Australian laurel.
Sources Grows in northern Queensland.
Appearance Straight to wavy grained with a fine, even texture. Narrow, pinkish sapwood and pinkish brown to dark brown heartwood, often with pinkish, gray-green, or blackish streaks. Resembles European walnut.
Physical Props Moderately heavy and hard with medium bending strength, high crushing strength, low stiffness, low steam bending, medium shock resistance, medium movement in service, and low to medium decay resistance. Considerably stronger than most true walnuts.
Working Props Difficult to work due to severe blunting effect from silica in wood. Carbide-tipped blades highly recommended. Glues satisfactorily and has good screw and nail holding properties. Polishes to an excellent finish.
Uses One of the most popular species in Australia for cabinetry, furniture, interior joinery, and paneling. Valued for electrical insulation applications due to its extremely high insulation properties. Also used for flooring, construction, veneers, and various types of decorative work.