Name Ramin (Gonystylus macrophyllum)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as ramin telur, melawis, and lanutan-bagyo.
Sources Grows in Sarawak, Malaysia, and south east Asia.
Appearance Straight to mildy interlocked grain and a relatively fine, even texture. Creamy white to pale straw colored heartwood and sapwood – not well differentiated from each other.
Physical Props Moderately heavy and hard with high crushing strength, moderately high bending strength and stiffness, low shock resistance, and poor decay resistance. Exhibits large movement in service. Steam-bends poorly.
Working Props Works fairly easily with machine or hand tools but tends to chip out on quartered surfaces and end grain. Glues satisfactorily. Pre-drilling required for screws or nails. Stains, paints, and generally finishes nicely although grain filling may be necessary to achieve a smooth surface.
Uses Used for furniture, mouldings, interior joinery, office fixtures, toys, carving, dowels, handles, and other turnery, flooring, paneling, plywood, corestock, and decorative veneers.
Comments Often used as a substitute for beech.