Red Oak

Name Red Oak (Quercus rubra)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as Northern red oak, Eastern red oak, gray oak, American red oak, Canadian red oak, and mountain red oak.
Sources Grows in United States, Canada, and Europe.
Appearance Straight grained with a coarse texture and prominent rays. Light reddish tan heartwood and narrow, almost white sapwood.
Physical Props Hard, strong, stiff, and strong with moderate stability in use and little natural decay resistance.
Working Props Machines quite well but has tendency to splinter and chip – avoid cutting against the grain. Turns and steam-bends fairly well. Somewhat difficult to work by hand. Nails and screws satisfactorily although pre-drilling recommended. Glues satisfactorily. Finishes well with most stains and finishes but relatively large pores may require a filler.
Uses Used for cabinets, furniture, millwork, musical instruments, plywood, flooring, turnery, boxes, caskets, pallets, heavy construction, and many other applications.