Sitka Spruce

Name Sitka Spruce (Picea sitchensis)
Type Softwood.
Other Names Also known as coast spruce, tideland spruce, menzies spruce, silver spruce, and yellow spruce.
Sources Grows along the northern Pacific coast of United States and Canada.
Appearance Generally straight and even grained (but sometimes spiral grained) with a fine, uniform texture. Light pinkish brown heartwood and creamy white sapwood.
Physical Props Light, soft, low shock resistance, moderate stiffness, good steam bending, good stability in service, and low decay resistance. Moderately low in strength but very high strength to weight ratio.
Working Props Works well with hand or machine tools. Good turning properties. Nails and screws without pre-drilling and has good holding properties. One of the easiest woods to cut, glue, and finish.
Uses Has many uses including boxes, crates, pallets, general construction, millwork (flooring, siding, paneling, sash, doors), musical instruments (especially sounding boards), furniture (mainly hidden parts), cabinets, aircraft construction, boat building, stadium seats, cooperage, ladder rails, woodenware, novelties, and plywood.