Sugar Maple

Name Sugar Maple (Acer saccharum)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as hard maple, rock maple, sweet maple, and black maple.
Sources Grows throughout eastern North America.
Appearance Straight, close grain with a fine, uniform texture. Nearly white sapwood, sometimes with a reddish tinge and light tannish heartwood.
Physical Props Heavy, hard, strong, and stiff with moderate shock resistance, low decay resistance, and medium movement in use. Steam-bends satisfactorily.
Working Props Machines well, especially for turning, but is susceptible to burning and irregular grain can cause chip-out. Pre-drilling recommended for screwing or nailing. Glues well and finishes very smoothly.
Uses Used for furniture, cabinetry, interior joinery, bowling pins, bowling lanes and other floors, school desks, ladder rungs, countertops, cutting boards, textile rollers, sports goods, stringed instruments, paneling, and decorative veneer. Commonly marketed as hard maple.