Sycamore Plane

Name Sycamore Plane (Acer pseudoplatanus)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as sycamore, planetree, great maple, buttonwood, or harewood.
Sources Grows in UK and other temperate regions of Europe, N. America, and Japan.
Appearance Usually straight grained but may be wavy; fine textured, with a silky luster. Creamy-white sapwood and heartwood.
Physical Props Moderately heavy with medium bending and crushing strength, very low stiffness, and low shock resistance. Susceptible to decay.
Working Props Works easily with sharp tools (dull ones readily cause burning). Figured wood may chip when planed unless low cutting angle used. Good nailing, gluing, and finishing properties.
Uses Used in applications where cleanliness is important – dairy utensils, laundry and textile rollers, turnery, bobbins, handles, and food containers. Traditional wood for fingerboards and violin backs. Also used for fiddle back veneers, cabinets, paneling, marquetry, and inlay.