Name Utile (Entandrophragma utile)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Also known as abebay, afau-konkonti, assie, efuodwe, kosi-kosi, mebrou zuiri, okeong, and sipo.
Sources Grows throughout tropical regions of central Africa, particularly Ghana and Ivory Coast.
Appearance Interlocked, irregular grain with medium texture. Often produces a striped ribbon figure. Light brown sapwood and reddish brown, mahogany-like heartwood.
Physical Props Hard and moderately heavy with relatively high bending and crushing strength, medium stiffness, low shock resistance, and medium movement in service. Moderate to high (heartwood only) decay resistance. Very poor steam-bending rating.
Working Props Works well with both hand and machine tools. Reduced cutting angle recommended to reduce tearing. Turns, routs, and bores satisfactorily. Glues easily and holds screws and nails well. Sands, stains and polishes satisfactorily but grain-filling sometimes recommended.
Uses Used for furniture, cabinets, turnery, interior and exterior joinery, interior construction, flooring, office fixtures, stair rails, boat building, muscial instruments, sports equipment, plywood, and veneer.