Name Willow (Salix spp.)
Type Hardwood.
Other Names Includes black willow, white willow, crack willow, cricket-bat willow, and close-bark willow.
Sources Grows mainly in Asia, Europe, northern Africa, and United States.
Appearance Typically straight grained, sometimes interlocked with a fine, uniform texture. Pale reddish brown to grayish brown heartwood and whitish sapwood.
Physical Props Light, soft, and weak, with low shock resistance, decay resistance, and steam bending properties.
Working Props Works easily enough with hand and machine tools but sharp edges required to avoid woolliness. Carves well due to softness and limited checking during drying. Glues, screw, nails, and finishes satisfactorily.
Uses Used for millwork, packing cases and boxes, artificial limbs, caskets, polo balls, cricket bats, Venetian blinds, slack cooperage, veneer, and inexpensive furniture.